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The IT&T Group is an international service provider established in Geneva, Switzerland in 1998. Since then, IT&T has opened offices in Luxembourg, Ukraine and China.

IT&T Consulting is the only IT company in Ukraine specializing in the construction of full-cycle IT and network infrastructure- analysis, development, implementation, certification, security and continuity provisioning, project maintenance.

IT&T has extensive project implementation experience in the European and Ukrainian markets in the areas of: insurance, finance, telecommunication, energy, consulting and others.

IT&T specializes in IT outsourcing, a necessary element in many leading companies' businesses.


Services Focused on Business Results


  • Passion for innovation
    We are engineers who are passionate all aspects of our job.
    We dedicate our time, our energy and our intellect to technological innovations.
  • Excellence
    We long for excellence, permanent progress in all aspects of our job, in deliverables to clients, commercial processes, human capital development, continuous training of our employees, career management, relations with our providers and technological partners.
  • Human dimension
    For IT&T it means a deep respect for individuals - clients, consultants, managers and cultures, consideration of individual particularities and listening capabilities.
  • International view
    IT&T is an international organization where the most junior of consultants from one country can speak to the most senior project managers from another country.